A history in pictures and postcards {HELP!}

I'm far from a hoarder and hope to always remain that way.

Except in one area of my life.

Letters and pictures.

I have boxes of pictures and every letter sent to me. They reside in an upstairs bedroom, in no particular order.  I am actually pretty good about printing out pictures we take.  Where I falter is in the organization and presentation.  The same goes for letters, cards and postcards.  I have thousands just collecting dust.  If you have sent me a card-no matter the reason-I have it.

If browsing estate sales has taught me anything, it's taught me that preservation of a familys history is important.  It's important for your children and your children's children.  I have thousands of pictures of my sweet daughters, our friends, our trips and every holiday celebrated. So many memories of people I love and things we have done together, just sitting up there, telling NO story at all.  I have pictures saved from when I was a child and the collection just goes crazy, once Sean and I met, over 18 years ago.  When Sean's grandmother passed away, we were given hundreds of images and artifacts from her life, as well. 

Not surprisingly the same goes for correspondences.  I have all of the letters Sean and I sent to one another from the age of 14.  Hundreds of thousands {trust me, I'm not kidding.  We were quite the lovebirds}.  My girlfriends are pretty keen on sharing letters and postcards, so I have many from them....not to mention birthday cards, wedding letters and thank you notes, enough to fill up the bed of a truck.  Sean's grandmother sent him a card every week and we have the entire collection.

It's no joke, my friends.
And no....I'm not throwing them all away after I scan them, so please don't try to talk me into it.  

So, I have already printed out all of my Instagram photos and made a poster for our walls and small books to give the grandparents and my brother {of the girls}.  I made each of the girls a photo book of the same images, for their memory boxes {and hope to do once a year so they have those fun, filtered captures for years to come!}

But still.
I would like to figure out a way to preserve the many photos and letters I have, in a simple {as simple as it can be}, cost-efficient and respectful way as possible, that I am able to easily share with others.  Seeing as many of the photos are of our family and friends who frequently visit our home, I know it would be woderful for them to be able to look through the pages at the years gone by.

So, do you have any ideas, suggestions or thoughts on how to safely preserve these artifacts?

The last thing I want is for someone to have to sift through all of these beautiful photos, someday, and be so overwhelmed that they never take on the task.  Ultimately leaving them in the box and never fully appreciating them. 

Our photos and letters are special and they should be kept accordingly, I believe.


{Forgive me any typos or poor grammar.  It's 5am and I'm rushing this post so that I am ready for the day ahead.  Four children, under 5 years old today!  Bring on the coffee!}

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  1. Gosh sounds like you have a huge collection! I'm horrible about organizing our pictures/cards. I recently saw a pretty cool idea for Christmas cards. They whole punched the top corner of the stack of cards and used a (no idea the official name) binder ring to hold them together. You can keep the yrs collections with your Christmas decorations, bringing them out for the season. I'll keep a look out for good ideas! :)