I just can't help myself.

Privacy issues have been a concern of mine, within the past months and so I have slowly posted less and less, about the girls.

But I also understand that many of you have been reading since BEFORE Kensington was born and like hearing about both of my sweet girls so I don't want you to think I'm not sharing for any other reason.  There are times I get nervous about posting multitudes of photos on the web, both of the girls and our family life.  Then there's other days where I throw caution to the wind and post a picture of myself in my pajamas on Instagram.  What can I say?  I'm a revolving door of thought.


Kensington started Martial Arts last evening.

She was so very excited {she has talked about taking "karate" and horseback riding for months} and so we made an appointment to try a local studio.  We arrived and she sat quietly and watched the current class.  She didn't say a word and just stared so I began to think she might be afraid.

When it was her turn, she ran out on the mat, stood there and followed all directions.  She said "Yes Sir!" approx 100 times and didn't dare disobey.
Not only was she well behaved but Sean and I look at each other more than several times and whispered, "She's actually pretty good at this!"

And she was!
She has good balance and confidence so some of the exercises came naturally.

Without sounding "braggy" {which I'm pretty sure I've already done and locked up}, I was so proud of her that she tried her hardest but also proud that she was good at it.  Is that wrong?  I'm sure I would have been just as proud of her had she fallen on her face, as long as she tried her darndest, but I couldn't help but have a VERY wide smile as she executed three consecutive highkicks, with pretty good form.  When she is this young and trying all kinds of new things, it's pretty neat to see her discover something that she enjoys and excels in.

I'm hoping all moms feel this way.  Then I had that thought, "What if she's really horrible at this and I'm seeing through MOM glasses?!"  But I don't think that's it.
What I think it is?
Me over-thinking things, that's what.

Oh well.  I don't care.  I was so happy for her.
She ran off the mat {flashing the thumbs-up sign on her way} and sat down next to me.  When I asked, "So?  Do you want to do continue karate classes?"  She simply answered, "Forever".

Done and Done.


Oh and this picture?  Well, wouldn't you post it?  I mean, come on.
If ever there was a photo that explained my Frankie, it's this one.

Happy Thursday, everyone!
Tell me something good.

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