The mystery of Donald Frizzle, solved.

Before you read anything further, please go read the previous post.  I promise it will make this post mean so so so much more.


After I posted this morning, about the telegram exchanged between Kay and Donald, I went on my merry way.  I visited the local TARGET and post office. When I came home, there was a comment from my friend and reader, Kate.

Kate had located, through the power of Google, the obituary of Donald Frizzle.  I knew things like this weren't impossible, considering the wealth of information online, but it was very exciting to learn about him. I began reading, immediately.  I became immersed in the story of Donald and his life, his childhood, his enlistment in the US Air Force and his eventual attendance at Trinity University, in Texas.

And then I saw it.

While at Trinity, Donald met and married a woman named Kay.

It was her!  They were in love and I had solved a piece of the mystery!

But I read on.  I knew this story wasn't over and I could feel that-I knew something else would happen.

At the bottom of the obituary, it said that he was survived by his wife Kay B. Frizzle, of Sedona, AZ.  There was a chance she was still alive and so I drew a deep breath and googled her.  Instantly, I found a few addresses and phone numbers.  One of the listings had a Donald Frizzle as the next of kin and so I took that as a safe indication this was the right one, so I picked up the phone. I drew another breath {much deeper than before} and dialed the numbers.

Much to my disappointment, the number had been disconnected.  I was sad, but knew that to learn of Donalds life was enough and I was very content to have read about such a interesting and special man.

Even still, I couldn't help but do another search.  I felt that there had to be more out there.  And there was.  I found an alternate number. Still in Arizona, but different.  

Again, I dialed and this time.....someone answered.

A weak and fragile voice said, "Hello?"

I began to cry when I asked, "Is this Kay Frizzle?"  and she quietly answered, "Why yes it is."

I was talking to Kay.

While tears ran rapidly down my face {quite literally the ENTIRE phone conversation} I shared who I was and what I do-unearthing items from the past and sharing their importance and love with others.  I explained that I was holding a telegram she sent to Donald, over 50 years ago, and there was silence.

"Well, I can't believe it.  I can't believe you have that and it made its way to you."

"I can't either" I said. I asked her if she knew what that date was and what its importance was. Why had she sent a telegram on that particular day?  She thought for a minute and said, "That date was two weeks before our wedding day, but I can't seem to remember what exactly it was.....I would ask Donald, but he isn't alive anymore.  He died a year ago and our children wouldn't know, so it would just be me."

"I am so sorry" was all I could think to say.  I followed with, "Would you mind if I sent this to you?  Please?"

"Oh my dear, I would love that. I would love that memory. Thank you so much. Aren't you so thoughtful? It means a lot to me."

And so tomorrow, I will go to the post office, with a package for Kay.

But today.  Today I experienced so much joy that I want to hold on to for a very very long time.  Today I was reminded that just because something is old, unused or left for trash, doesn't mean that it isn't of immeasurable value to someone else.

We just need to be the ones that are willing to see its beauty, amongst the rubbish.


  1. And that is why you go to estate sales. You give new life to peoples forgotten memories. You are a beautiful person Rachel. God has blessed you with such a caring heart. I love you friend!

  2. Such an awesome story! Love this and I love that you had the gumption to call.

  3. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. I can only imagine how she will feel when that package arrives. What a wonderful story.

  4. Hi Rachel, This story had me crying from the get go! What an amazing story... And good for you for going to the effort to track down Kay. What a huge blessing for you to be the person to bring Kay a little joyful memory.

    I'm a real life friend of Janna-we live in the same town-and I've been following you at No.17 when Joanne posted about her visit with you a few years ago. Janna told me you were blogging again--so I was thrilled to find you creating on-line.

    I had probably 20 international pen pals as a teenager and kept in touch for a decade. Now a few of us are email pals. Nothing beats a personal letter! That's why I love Christmas cards. Running to the mailbox and seeing a personal handwritten address makes my heart skips a beat. Thanks for the inspiration! Paula Romer

  5. Absolutely amazing! You are the sweetest for sending that to her. Such a beautiful gesture.

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